5 Horror Games That Need Sequels Sooner Rather Than Later

Layers of Fear

Developed by Bloobler Team

Layers of Fear allows players to experience the horrors of a disturbed mind as it tells the story of an artist needing to face the ghosts of a past he wishes to keep buried.

This title focuses almost exclusively on psychological horror and while it did deliver on its premise, there were certain areas that could have been improved upon.

The most important one is the diversity of maps.

The house where the game takes place has an interesting layout, but it can become repetitive quickly and considering that one of the key elements to create horror is the subversion of expectations, adding diversity to the maps is paramount, so the experience does not become predictable.

The game held much potential, but as its 72/100 score on Metacritic shows, it could have been better. This is why this game needs a sequel, so it can improve the areas that could have been better and make sure the core idea lives up to its potential.

Developers released a DLC for it, titled Inheritance, but a sequel is still necessary for this game. 

Published Jan. 27th 2017

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