5 Horror Games That Need Sequels Sooner Rather Than Later

Welcome to the Game

Developed by Reflect Studios

Welcome to the Game makes players explore the darkest confines of the deep web, the place where humanity hides its most obscure secrets, ranging from videos of torture to groups organizing terrorist attacks. And of course, much more.

The game asks players to browse the deep web in search of eight codes, but there is a chance that a kidnapper will track you and kidnap you. As you play, you see online pages about living sex dolls, humans slavery and other activities that represent the absolute worst humanity has to offer.

The true horror of this game lies in knowing that this is not fiction. The activities mentioned therein exist in real life. What you will see as you play will linger in your mind for a long time.

This game touches on a very serious subject, but it becomes repetitive and frustrating quickly. The core concept is solid, but it needs to be adapted in order to make this game a more engaging experience.

In horror games, developers try to create the scariest monsters, but they still cannot beat real life. This game deserves a sequel.

Published Jan. 27th 2017

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