Cabals: Magic and Battle Cards Needs Help to get the Green-light.

Help Green Light Cabals: Magic and Battle Cards to Steam.

Cabals is looking for help in getting the Steam Greenlight. Cabals: Magic and Battle Cards has been online since 2011, and is now looking to get promoted to Steam. It's already available for iPhone, Android, and web browsers, but now the developer is looking to the community to see if they would like the game on Steam.

Cabals is a battle card game in which players battle using a custom deck they have built, including actions and units and represented by a hero. To win you must either storm your opponent’s stronghold or dominate the game board. It's designed for two players, and you can play against AI or in online multiplayer. There is a leaderboard that showcases the best players. 

The game is currently free to download and play. It already has a huge following -- and after reading a number of the comments of the Steam Greenlight page, it looks like the majority of people would like to see this available on Steam.

If you're one of the fans who'd like to see Cabals make it to Steam, head here and vote now.

Published Jun. 16th 2020
  • Damien Smith
    Great article. It looks to be quite an impressive game, I will make sure to give them my vote for sure.

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