GDC 2015: Open Calls for Lectures and New Summits Announced

If you've ever wanted to present at GDC (and have the necessary professional qualifications) now's your chance!

If you're interested in presenting at the 2015 Game Developers Conference, now is your chance! The call for submissions is live, giving industry professionals the chance to speak on a variety of game-related topics. 

Specifically, they're looking for professionals to speak on new Summit-related topics. The summits are: 

  • Community Management Summit
  • eSports Summit
  • Free to Play Summit
  • Game Narrative Summit
  • GDC Education Summit
  • Independent Games Summit
  • Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit.

The eSports Summit and Community Management Summit are brand new to GDC this year, giving both areas of gaming a deserved spotlight at the upcoming conference. The president of ESPN might not consider eSports "real sports" but thankfully GDC does not share that opinion. 

The summits seek to foster community growth, examine failures and successes, and attempt to make areas more accessible to new players. According to Meggan Scavio, the General Manager of the Game Developers Conference events, 

"The GDC Summits play an integral role for the Games Developers Conference, they set the stage for the types of indispensable knowledge developers and the video game community expect...

It’s deeply rewarding to help ignite these engaging and thought-provoking discussions within the community that broaden our understanding of the space and open up the industry to more audiences."

So, if you're an industry professional interested in sharing your wealth of knowledge with the rest of your fellow game developers, submit a proposal! Also, do it soon. Submissions close Friday, October 3rd, so there are only a few weeks left to apply. 

Published Sep. 9th 2014

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