5 features that need to make a comeback in WWE 2K17

4. Multiple Backstage Arenas 

Anyone who has played WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain remembers its hardcore mode. Players had the freedom to take the fight in 5 different stages. Backstage. In the parking lot. Outside on the streets. Who could forget driving The Undertaker's motorcycle, slamming your opponent against the hood of a car, or frog splashing them from the ledge of a building? It was absolute madness.

But the environments in recent games have been seriously lacking. Starting with its successor, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw, backstage fights began to take place in one confined space. Gone is the freedom and creativity that made it so much fun to begin with.

The backstage match speaks to the overall direction that the WWE series has taken--less arcade and more simulation. While one is not better than the other, I think there needs to be a balance between the two. Multiple backstage arenas would make a fantastic addition to WWE 2K17.    

Published Jan. 27th 2016

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