5 features that need to make a comeback in WWE 2K17

1. Old-School Story Mode

As previously mentioned, WWE 2K16 made waves with its Steve Austin tribute. Sadly however, these nostalgic modes have caused us to overlook the actual career mode and allowed 2K to get away with giving us a dull experience. In other words, these career slices have replaced a proper story mode.

To fix this issue, 2K needs to look back to early WWE games like Shut Your Mouth or Here Comes the Pain. In them, players could play as any character on the roster--not just a created superstar. Stories varied depending on the characters role, the decisions you made, and how you performed in your matches. 

It's funny to imagine WWE games from ten years ago having more variety in career mode. But that's the reality here. Players should be able to choose any superstar and take them through a career. They did it ten years ago, I don't see why it can't be done again.   

Published Jan. 27th 2016

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