Microsoft "not intending to compete with Steam" on Windows 10

Microsoft leaves gamers to use Steam, focusing their attentions on other Windows 10 functionality.

Today during Gamescom, Microsoft announced they have no plans to create a PC gaming distribution platform. With the launch of Windows 10 on July 29th, it is understandable that Microsoft would be under speculation as competition, but they'll be leaving the PC gamers to Steam. 

Microsoft's Comments at Gamescom

Kevin Unangst, Senior Director for PC gaming at Microsoft gave a comment to PC Gamer at Gamescom describing how Microsoft feels about Steam's popularity and Microsoft's intentions.

"We are not intending to compete with Steam,

"If anything, we want Steam to be even more successful – they’ve done great things for PC gamers in terms of having a single store."

Since Steam has become such a popular necessity to many PC gamers, it's very wise that Microsoft isn't going to try to compete with them for the PC game distribution standpoint. Steam features many games from numerous developers, whereas Microsoft would most likely market their own games and not those of their competitors. Unangst continued to go on and discuss how competition is a thriving standpoint for business, and that having Steam run great on Windows 10 is their main goal.

"Over time do we want more developers to come over to our store and offer it in addition to Steam? Absolutely. Is competition good for people? Absolutely. But our goal right now isn’t to do anything else other than support Steam and help it run great on Windows 10." - Kevin Unangst, Microsoft

While I do believe Microsoft was sincere in their decision to leave the platform hub to Steam, I wouldn't be surprised if in the future Microsoft tried to dip their toes in community management and platforms. With Xbox and Windows 10 under their jurisdiction, the experience required has been met. 

Do you believe Microsoft will stay true to their word?

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Published Aug. 11th 2015
  • Unknown_5754
    I believe the MS Store has all intentions to compete with Steam, in the same manner that EA's Origin do. They will probably withhold some exclusive on that store, with the added "reasoning" that those titles are only available on Win10 and they are just trying to ensure only Win10 users are downloading it, while throwing some smaller non-AAA titles on to Steam as a PR gesture.
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    Microsoft is all about making money. I mean, look at Xbox Live's ridiculous fees. However, I don't think that they'll dip their toes into the competitive ring with Steam. The platform is just too powerful, and the resources Windows would have to pool into creating a similar platform would far outweigh the potential profits. Business-wise, it just wouldn't make sense.

    They might though. I can't imagine anything that could stop them otherwise.

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