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*Waves Excitedly*

posted by (Featured Correspondent) 6 years ago

Hi all! I feel as if I've been gone forever. I've been on, shall we say, hiatus due to health issues.

Pleased to say that I hope to make an (unofficial) comeback to Game Skinny this week :) Took me longer than I thought, so I plan to wade in slowly, but I simply can't stay away from it any longer. I miss writing!

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello, and that I look forward to making my way back to daily writing :)

  • Brittany Vincent
    Hi there Mandie! I'm new here, but welcome back!
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Howdy Mandie! Welcome back :)
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    Welcome back! Glad to hear you are doing better!

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