Shovel Knight Coming to Sony Platforms in 2015

Shovel Knight is coming to the PlayStation family in 2015.

Shovel Knight was one of the surprises of 2014, and the Game Awards took notice as Yacht Club Games won the award for Indie Developer of the Year.

The game, which many feel could/should be Game of the Year, was originally released only for Wii U, 3DS, and PC. That's going to change with the news that came out of the Playstation Experience.

In 2015, the 8-bit retro style game will be on Sony platforms. Owners of the PS3, PS4, and the Vita better be ready for one of the best games of the year.

Shovel Knight combines the classic feel of a retro game with modern gameplay/story elements. The Vita needs games to help the floundering system, and what better way than one of the best games of the year?

Am I a little disappointed that the game is going to be on Sony platforms as well as Nintendo platforms? It hurts the Nintendo side if people have an alternative, but game development is a business, and I totally understand what Yacht Club is trying to do.


My name is Steve and I'm from New Jersey. Been a Nintendo fan for as long as I can remember and have enjoyed writing. Also a fan of the Devils/Jets/Mets.

Published Dec. 7th 2014

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