Seven Unappreciated Pokemon Features We Want To See Return

The Batman to our Robin...

I understand the need to take certain minor features out in each new game, truly I do, but removing the ability to have our Pokemon follow us in the field continues to baffle me. In a series full of adorable times and events, there were few moments that had as much of a heartwarming factor as a Pokemon following you and letting you know that it was ready to join you for the fight ahead.

Whether it was a showdown with the Elite Four or your infiltration of the Team Rocket hideout, your Pokemon literally stood by you -- unless the area was too small for them to fit, that is.

March will mark the seven year anniversary of Heart Gold and Soul Silver's international release, meaning it's been seven years since a Pokemon handheld game that allows a pocket monster to follow you around the entire time.

Seven years? You know what else happened seven years ago? The New York Jets had some type of hope at the quarterback position! They had a reliable defense! We didn't live in a world where Young Thug and Lil Uzi was considered good rap music!

But in all seriousness, I can partially understand why this feature was removed once the series moved to its current 3D look; factor in the addition of 309 new monsters since the 493 we ended Generation IV with and it's a lot to ask a coder for.

At this point, though, I just want to have that true feeling of a partner at my side back. Even if it's not the ultimate, true-to-life addition that some fans may expect, just add this one feature back. Please?

Published Jan. 3rd 2017

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