Seven Unappreciated Pokemon Features We Want To See Return

The Game Corner

"Gambling is bad. It can hurt kids! It can turn them into gamblers!" What was that I said about the rival earlier?

"If you're worried about a no-nonsense rival being the thing that sets parents off in a series that has angered people for far worse (not that we think PETA's anti-Pokemon stance makes any sense, though), then you're in need of some help."

- Jake (me) slide 3

Take no-nonsense rival out of there and replace it with the game corner. I understand the full-on removal of the Game Corner was done due to censorship of Platinum's game corners, especially in Europe and South Korea, but this needs to change.

There's nothing wrong with the game corner; it's harmless fun and it teaches kids that you can't always win in life. The better you get at something, the better chance you have at winning and buying better TMs for your team.

And to the soccer moms who will protest the game corner, I have one question for you. What's worse? The Game Corner, or the music you let your kid listen to? And speaking of music...

Published Jan. 3rd 2017

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