5 Adorkable Swimsuits for Summer

If you haven't found the perfect swimsuit for summer yet, look no further.

Summer pool parties are inevitable. That means fireworks, bonfires, barbeques, and swimming. If you still haven’t found the perfect swimsuit for the occasion we’ve got you covered. These swimsuits will guarantee make a big splash at the party.


Princess Leia Gold Bikini - $100


The slave Princess Leia may not be in the latest Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens game, but it won't be missing from the pool. The famous golden bikini made Carrie Fisher a sex icon and it can do the same for you. People who don’t know Star Wars (if they exist) and those huge fans will fawn over you at the party. You might even be able to get away with wearing this to a con. Just add a golden choker and a braid and you’ll be ready to go.


Eleventh Doctor One Piece - $82


I never thought I’d see a bow tie meant for the water. This swimsuit is perfect if you have any water sports planned. You won’t have to worry about having a rash guard or wonder if your bikini will fall off in the water. This swimsuit is also perfect for time travel. The Eleventh Doctor hasn’t ever looked like this. No one at the pool will look like this either. You’ll sure to stand out when you enter in this swimsuit and by making a grand entrance in your TARDIS.


Wonder Woman High Waisted Bikini - $44.50


Let’s face it Wonder Woman’s costume is pretty much a swimsuit anyway. This one is at least water - proof. This swimsuit gives the classic superhero, a vintage feel. I’m sure Steve Rogers will prefer this pin up girl style. Everyone else on the beach will approve of it too. I love how the bottoms look like a pair of denim shorts with a belt. You can even add a pair of shorts and it will still look vintage. The invisible jet and lasso come separately though.


Rogue Bikini - $48


This swimsuit is for daring girls. Yes even more daring than those wearing the Princess Lei golden bikini. This swimsuit doesn’t offer as much coverage, but who else would have a Rogue swimsuit! Rogue herself would never take the risk (the girl has to be covered all the time). This shouldn’t stop you though. Just imagine what Gambit would say! This swim apparel is super cute and comes at a great price. It's also a great throwback to the Xmen Legends 2: Rise of the Apocalypse game.


Vintage Harley Quinn - $82


With a possible Suicide Squad game in development and Batman: Return to Arkham coming in a few months, it’s time to throw it back to the original Harley Quinn. Sure you can’t do the clown makeup in the water, but this swimsuit is cute regardless. I love how they were even able to do the clown collar. I never thought looking like a clown would be a good thing. This swimsuit is pricey, but you are getting the tops and bottoms for that price.

 Like a Peach At the Beach Bikini - $29.99

This swimsuit makes me want to scrape the bottom of my wallet for money. The pun of the name, "Like Peach at the Beach" makes it worth it alone. Who wouldn't want to look like Peach at the beach? With this swimsuit all you're missing is the pink parasol. You better get yours fast. At the cheap price of $29.99, this swimwear is bound to sell out fast.

Summer can’t last forever, but you’ll definitely want it to with these amazing swimsuits. They might even inspire you to go on a tropical vacation in the winter or if you are daring you can even wear them to a con.


Published Jul. 9th 2016

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