New Halloween patch for Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear comes out with a brand new Halloween themed patch.

Layers of Fear -- the indie horror game from Polish Developer Blooper Team -- has released a temporary, new patch for Halloween, which comes with a brand new room to explore in the basement of the game's house. 

The special event will last for a month, and as a special treat, the first 3 people who find all the "unique effects" in the new "Halloween" room will be forever immortalized in the game with their own portraits.

Layers of Fear originally premiered on Steam Early Access this past August, and was met with wide spread acclaim for the games beautifully detailed environment and enchanting music. 

The game was also recently released on the Xbox One's "Game Preview" platform for $12.99. The game is being release here since it is not completely finished yet. 

In a recent interview Blooper Team had this to say about the games' influences.

The obvious inspiration was P.T. but we never tried to copy the idea, but rather expand on it. From the reviews we have read around the web it seems we have achieved it.

Layers of Fear is perfect for anyone who is looking to play something scary for Halloween. The game length is very short, only 2 hours, and it plays like a horror movie.



Published Nov. 1st 2015

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