Retro RPG World Of Horror Dabbles in 1-Bit Terror

Eldritch horror and ancient Japanese folklore will collide in the ultra-retro black and white World Of Horror via Steam Early Access.

A sleepy Japanese seaside village is about to get a dose of terror when the retro, 1-bit World Of Horror hits Steam Early Access next month.

This roguelite, turn-based RPG will first come in Early Access on February 20, with the full launch due to land on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch by the end of the year.

Developed by Panstasz and Ysbryd Games, the writing team will also include Ubisoft scriptwriter Cassandra Khaw, who penned the novel Hammers on Bone. The development team commented about World Of Horror:

Investigate the return of eldritch monsters and solve puzzles to collect arcane spell components. Struggle against malevolent legends of folklore like the Aka Manto and Kuchisake-onna, summoned by performing dark rites.

Fight to survive this nightmare roguelite reality with turn-based combat. Defeat gruesome bosses, all illustrated and animated with disturbing images made in Microsoft Paint with a classic 1-bit graphic style.

With clear cosmic horror leanings and some elements that suggest Uzumaki Spiral influence, get ready for things to get very weird when Early Access arrives late next month.

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Published Jan. 16th 2020

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