Nintendo Wii U to Get NFC Payment Card

Nintendo Wii U gets a new pre-paid smart card system.

Nintendo has announced over the weekend a brand new payment option that will be coming to the Wii U starting on July 22nd thanks to a partnership with the Japanese company Sucia. It aims to introduce a rechargeable smart card to offer players an ability to pre-load cash and pay via NFC through the Nintendo eStore.

The Sucia swipe cards will allow gamers to quickly and simply make their eShop purchases without the need for any credit card details. Thanks to this new card system, it'll enable Nintendo’s family centered demographic the ability to better control the purchase transactions made by children.

Over the years, many parents have been caught off guard thanks to the many in-app purchases made by their children. Apple and Amazon are among those under watch by the FCC placing the gaming industry in this regard in a negative light. Nintendo's NFC Suica cards aims to change that view around by preventing children from charging unlimited amounts to stored credit card details on the eStore.

The NFC function, a lesser-known feature of the Gamepad, will be limited to Japan only. The new software is said to deliver on the intended ambitions in a contemporary and efficient way. There is an effort being made to accommodate as many brands of cards available for use across Japan.

Published Jul. 21st 2014

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