The Last of Us Fan-Made Videos on a Roll

Two fan-made short films for the last of us have been released on youtube and they are really good.

Playstation 3 exclusive The Last of Us is this year's largest and fastest selling Playstation game and is still in first place even after six weeks. The story about the travels of a man, Joel and 14 year old Ellie in a post-apocalyptic United States has brought tears to many a gamer.

Fans have taken a new route to express their appreciation for the game and that is, through short films. 

The Last of Us: Furthest Reaches by HitPointCompany is a side-story set in the world of The Last Of Us. The story is of a couple running away from a quarantine zone seeking safety. Its 7 minutes long and looks stunning. The make-up done on some of the infected looks nothing less than professional.


The Last Of Us OFFICIAL FAN FILM by IRON HORSE CINEMA PRODUCTIONS is a 13 minute feature film that replicates some of the major parts of the story. It describes the story of Joel and Ellie going through a Hotel fighting bandits and of course, the infected.

Both the actors do a phenomenal job of replicating the emotions of Joel and Ellie and is definitely worth checking out. But do not watch if you haven't played the game yet, as the movie contains a few spoilers.

Both the films look gorgeous and have raked a good amount of views. Do comment which one do you like better.


Published Jul. 29th 2013

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