Gearbox's Community Day Begins September 14

It's time for the third annual Community Day and this time everyone's invited!

It's time for the third annual Gearbox Software Community Day. Gearbox has always been one to give back to their gaming community, but Community Day is on a whole other level.

Whether you will be attending the event in Dallas, TX or streaming from home on your Twitch accounts, Gearbox will be giving out goodies for all. This is the first year that Gearbox will be live streaming the event.

If you decide to hand over the $20 to subscribe to the Gearbox Twitch channel, you'll be getting some really awesome stuff. This includes; Community Day HD Live Stream, Borderlands 2 shift codes for special heads and skins, closed beta access to a future unannounced Gearbox title and a free game download for Homeworld HD and Homeworld Classic.

Honestly, they had me at shift codes. I'm a sucker for a new skin. The idea of getting the closed beta access is also tempting. Will you guys be there or will you be online? Do you think the $20 subscription is worth it?


Also, here is a schedule of events for tomorrow's festivities.

(Yes they are in CT because Gearbox is in CT)

  • 10am CT - Broadcast Begins / Opening Remarks
  • 10:30am CT - Finding Homeworld [Panel]
  • 11:30am CT - Community Day Showfloor Antics
  • 12:00pm CT - Breaking In: Life as a Game Dev [Panel]
  • 1pm CT - Community Day Showfloor Antics
  • 1:30pm CT - From Opposing Forces to Meat Bicycles and Beyond: The Gearbox Legacy [Panel]
  • 2:30pm CT - Community Day Showfloor Antics
  • 3:00pm CT - Questionstravaganza & Answerpocalypse [Panel]
  • 4:00pm CT - Community Day Showfloor Antics
  • 4:30pm CT - Welcome to Pandora: Behind the Borderlands [Panel]
  • 6pm CT - Cosplay Showcase and Recap of Day (Time Zone Conversion:
  • 8pm CT - Broadcast End

*Schedule Subject to Change

Published Sep. 13th 2013

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