5 Square Enix RPGs We Want on the Nintendo Switch

Front Mission

One series in the Square library that’s had a bit of an identity crisis as of late is another candidate that can find a fresh start on the Switch, and that’s Front Mission, the publisher’s iconic tactical Mech-suit drama.

The series has been stagnating ever since it transitioned into a lackluster shooter in Square’s efforts to dubiously capitalize off of the shooting trend that commanded the market the last generation, and the publisher’s shallow efforts with the entry led to it getting critically panned. The only recourse the series may still have is for it to return back to the strategic RPG foundation that made Front Mission the property it once was, and what better chance than to host that reboot on the Switch.

Keep in mind that Square wouldn’t even have to give us a new Front Mission title either, they could go the Seiken Densetsu Collection route, and just release the first three titles of the series in a bundle. Remastering the old games with some updated audio and upscaled visuals to put a nice cherry on top of an already attractive deal—and much like Seiken Densetsu Collection, it would give the west its first look at Front Mission 2.

Published Apr. 15th 2017

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