5 Square Enix RPGs We Want on the Nintendo Switch

World of Final Fantasy

As we approach nearly 30 years of the Square-Enix’s most iconic franchise, the studio collaborated with Tose to bring a celebration of the series in a whimsical monster-catching affair aptly named World of Final Fantasy.

Borrowing some of its dynamics from another famous creature collecting series that you may have heard of, World of Final Fantasy will plant you in the role of fraternal twins Lann and Reynn, as they set off to recover their memories of their past lives as Mirage Keepers. The title grants individuals the ability to control a variety of Final Fantasy’s iconic bestiary, and command them in unique ‘stacking’ system that can create different combinations that offer a variety of different strategies to combat the surprising difficulty curve of the campaign.

Nintendo and GameFreak have dropped the ball on getting us a console Pokémon games for years now, World of Final Fantasy is an excellent alternative to those with a Nintendo machine that’re just sick of waiting on the powers that be to bring Pokémon over to the big screen.

Published Apr. 15th 2017

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