Dragon's Prophet Thanksgiving Weekend Wrapping Up

Dragon's Prophet's Thanksgiving Weekend Extravaganza is nearing its end.

If you haven't gotten online to take advantage of the Dragon's Prophet Thanksgiving weekend, now may be your last chance.

All weekend DP has offered a slew of goodies to those that spent their weekend (and their Monday) digging into all that the game has to offer.

The most notable incentive is the double experience that you receive with every quest or baddie slain. This gave you just a few short hours to grind up your hero and get your thanks on. The event ends at 4:00 p.m. PST  on Monday (or 1:00 p.m. for us easterners), so get while the getting is hot.

Another little addition is the two-headed Ferocious Duality. The multi-headed monster was previously only available in a bundle, so this would be your first time to jump in and get him (her?) alone. The beast can be found in the marketplace for 1,499 Station Cash.

Of course, there have been other sales going on in the marketplace for your purchasing pleasure. Some of the festivities are ending today, so you better get in there fast. But worry not, I'm sure that more will come with the holidays approaching.

Sound off in the comments down below and let me know what kind of digital goodies you've acquired through the various sales!

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Published Dec. 2nd 2013

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