Disgaea RPG Rises from the Netherworld Soon

Disgaea RPG releases soon, and developer Boltrend is celebrating with some limited-time events

Disgaea RPG releases for mobile on April 12, Boltrend Games announced. Disgaea RPG servers will open at 2 p.m. EST on April 12 with pre-downloads starting earlier that morning.

Boldtrend is also holding a Disgaea RPG release date celebration event.

  • Login reward — Etna Rookie Support
  • Login reward — Usalia's open server celebration
  • Summon — Rookie summoner event
  • Summon — Disgaea character summon celebration
  • Story event — Magical Holy Night
  • Limited-Time Event — Dark Assembly Effect Up
  • Limited character — Dark Santa Laharl

Disgaea RPG transforms the series' grid-based tactical combat into something closer to a traditional RPG. Teams of three face off on the battlefield not unlike PSX-era Final Fantasy games or Pokemon Masters

Players gather the ultimate Netherworld army with characters spanning the entire franchise, and yes, that means gacha mechanics.

Beyond that, Disgaea RPG is very much a Disgaea game. There's the unbelievably high damage counters, Item Worlds, combos, and more, all wrapped around an original Disgaea story with an all-new soundtrack. The Dark Assembly is back, alongside something called the Overlord's Tower with stacks of rewards ripe for the taking.

And this is only the first new Disgaea in 2021. Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny releases June 29 for Nintendo Switch.


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Published Apr. 8th 2021

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