Gamer Gift Guide: Custom Handmade Merchandise

Artistic Prints: Part 1

Where to Buy: Kayadesign on Etsy

Store Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (98 reviews)

Price: $7

This item touches on a bit of home decor. Add a nice frame and you've got yourself a downright classy gift. I've collected a few options to start your hunt for the perfect print.

First in this category is Kayadesign on Etsy. This shop offers newspaper prints, setting beloved characters in front of vintage dictionary backdrops. The game section of her shop offers a large variety of themes including:

  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Final Fantasy
  • Metroid
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Mega Man
  • Star Fox
  • Persona
  • Mario
  • Catherine
  • Punch-Out!!

Artistic Prints: Part 2

Where to Buy: Loft817 on Etsy

Cost: Ranges from $8.50 to $26

Bonus: Currently features a buy 2, get 1 free deal!

Using a similar dictionary theme and adding pop art to his gallery, Kris Keefer, owner of Etsy's Loft817 shop, adds some extra variety to the list. In addition to Final Fantasy, Mario, and Legend of Zelda, Keefer's shop also boasts Pokemon and Planet Terror prints. His own game section features some pop art pieces that can be purchased in different sizes and without the dictionary print background, though these options cost more ($20 to $26, depending.)

Published Nov. 9th 2015

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