Gamer Gift Guide: Custom Handmade Merchandise

Throw Pillows

Where to Buy: JHTY, Choco-Minto, Alice X. Zhang, and Randy C on Society6

Store Rating: N/A

Price: Ranges from $20 to $39, depending on cover, case + pillow combo, size of the cover, and indoor or outdoor style

Bonus: If you see a design you like, there's a good chance the shop offers it printed on a large variety of other mediums, such as mugs and iPad cases.

This gift combines style and practicality. Everybody needs pillows. I've included four shops for this slide to offer a taste of the variety out there while making your gift shopping just a touch easier.

  1. JHTY offers a faceless style of heroes from Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Sword Art Online.
  2. Choco-Minto presents a unique chibi style of art with themes that include: Mass EffectDragon Age, Splatoon, and Bioshock.
  3. Alice X. Zhang sells a gritty, dark design with Last of Us and Tomb Raider options.
  4. Randy C's shop only features Pokemon themed pillows, but every print pictures your favorite Pokemon wearing a costume for their final evolution with tons of different options from multiple generations to choose from.
Published Nov. 9th 2015

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