Can't Seem to Find a Reason to Own the Xbox One

Being someone who does an awful lot of research before purchasing a new console, I'm having trouble justifying an Xbox One purchase.

It's strange.

For as long as I can remember, I've been a multi-console owner. It started in the 16-bit generation, when I had both the Super Nintendo and the Genesis. It continued when I added PC to the mix (and yes, I know it isn't a console but it's certainly a gaming platform). I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the SNES but I've owned many others.

I've had the Dreamcast, all the PlayStation consoles, including PSP and Vita, and both previous Xbox consoles. I've owned all these platforms simply because I always wanted to play the best of the best and to do that, you had to be a multi-console/multi-platform owner. I've always held that opinion.

But looking at the current situation, this could be the very first gaming generation where I only game on one platform.

I'm older now, and it's time to simplify

One explanation is simple: I've got more responsibilities and as such, less time for games. I can't hope to play every last great game that comes down the pike, so I have to prioritize. I've got the PS4 and considering my PS3 backlog, that's more than enough for the time being. As for other platforms, I've been out of PC gaming for years (and don't have the motivation or extra cash to dive back in), the Wii U isn't even remotely appealing, and the Xbox One...well...

Between work and general life duties, it's increasingly difficult to justify owning two expensive next-gen consoles, especially when there really aren't any games out right now that I have to play. I've got inFamous: Second Son and a few others for the PS4, but Titanfall doesn't appeal to me as much (a glorified shooter, from what I've seen of it) and that $500 price tag is troublesome. If I was still in college and had the money to burn, fine. Even then, though, I wouldn't have felt right about it.

Xbox One: You're not doing a good enough job selling yourself

If I may refer to the system as an animate object for a brief moment:

Why should I buy you? You cost $500 because your manufacturer is forcing me to buy something I don't care about (Kinect). You've got a bunch of nifty TV-related features, I suppose, but that's not really doing it for me. Games? I'm a Gran Turismo fan so Forza, as good as it is, doesn't register on my priority list and I already mentioned Titanfall. Beyond that, what else can you offer?

Your predecessor offered a better experience for third-party multiplatform games at the start of the last generation. That's a big reason I owned it. I also was a pretty big Halo fan and there were a few other gems I really loved (Lost Odyssey and Alan Wake, for instance). But you, Xbox One, aren't offering superior performance with multiplatform titles. Based on all the headlines, it seems most high-profile third-party multiplatform games perform better on the PS4.

So... what else ya got?

It'll all come down to an exclusive or two that I simply must have

Considering the price, lack of multiplatform performance, and features I couldn't possibly care less about, the only thing that'll finally convince me to purchase an Xbox One is an exclusive title I really need. Let's put it this way: If Lost Odyssey 2 came out exclusively on Xbox One, I'd probably buy the system for that game. Otherwise, it'll have to impress me with a new IP that boasts a fantastic concept and a ton of promise.

Thing is, it's PlayStation that usually pushes the envelope on exclusive new IPs. Heavy RainJourney, and yes, even the Uncharted franchise (while not exactly innovative, still broke ground in terms of technical achievement); they all make owning PlayStation consoles worthwhile. I need to see that from the Xbox side this time around, or I think I'm out.

Sorry, Microsoft. Xbox was new and it had Halo (and Deathrow!). Xbox 360 made sense to me. Xbox One? Nope.

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Published Apr. 21st 2014
  • Matt_9542
    So ass-backwards.

    I like the Xbox One because I, too, am older now and have less time for gaming but still time to watch TV/movies/ect.

    So I LIKE the Xbox One because I can get plenty of use out of it even when I'm not gaming. It's the entertainment machine for adults.

    PS4, if we're being honest, has no games and no features and no apps. It sucks.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    It's the machine for "adults" and yet, the only people who seem to defend it act like children and make idiotic statements like your last one.

    Odd, because I use my PS4 for TV and movies just fine, I didn't have to pay an extra $100 for a piss-poor Kinect service that hasn't produced a single AAA game in years, I've got too many apps to count, I'm already playing inFamous: Second Son, and I'm looking forward to new entries in the Uncharted, God of War, Ratchet & Clank, The Last Of Us, Gran Turismo and Killzone franchises, along with the new IP from Quantic Dream (The Dark Sorcerer), and oh yeah, I'm enjoying the fact that basically EVERY SINGLE multiplatform game released thus far performs better in terms of frames per second or max HD output (or both).

    Lastly, I'm remembering how Microsoft proved what they think of gamers last year when they announced a machine that had everything to do with nickle-and-diming and stabbing consumers in the back.

    And what are you looking forward to now? Another Halo? Gee, congrats.
  • john smith _3166
    The writer of this opinion piece is obviously a fanboy. I mean come on, the X1 has twice as many full retail exclusives as the PS4. With brand new IP's like; D4, Sunset Overdrive, Quantam Break and Ryse with more being announced this year at E3 why wouldn't anyone not want to own an X1? MS has invested $1 billion into games creation for the X1 Sony can only dream of that! There's also XBL which has always been the gold standard for online console gaming for of it's reliability, functionality and stability.

    Superior multi-plats? Did that matter to you with your precious PS3? Haters will be haters and will always have lame excuses to justify their silly hate.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    " mean come on, the X1 has twice as many full retail exclusives as the PS4."

    And in a few years time, the exact opposite will be true.

    Xbox is not known for their exclusives and never has been. Care to compare the PS3 exclusives against the 360 exclusives? It's comical. Uncharted and The Last Of Us alone trump anything ever released on the 360, as far as I'm concerned.
  • miguel tucker
    I will put it like this xbox one is in 13 counties and ps4 is in 73 counties. and you talk about the xbox one dose not have any games what about the ps4. what about the AAA exclusives that they promiseing ever one. what about this power the ps4 has over the xbox one I do not see it at all this talk about 1080p is not even here to talk about. I have a xbox one and I love. it every thing that the xbox one has the ps4 is soon to copy.
  • Leonardo_5695
    a pc games is very valid. some indies like The Stanley Parable and Gone Home are very good. recommend it to everyone.
  • Federico Senence
    Featured Contributor
    I've been trying to convince myself for about two months now to buy the XBOne - but have yet to pull the trigger and get it. Titanfall has me close and Watchdogs might be the thing that finally makes it happen...but I'm not sure. The price tag is one of the biggest things that has held me back on the latest consoles.
  • Quinn DP
    I'll state first off that I was always an xbox fan, stuck to xbox from the original and I wasn't going to change to Sony now. I looked at the xbox one, thinking it sounds impressive and liking the excuses. But right now, a significant time after release, only 1 major exclusive has hit the shelf, being titanfall, which is just another call of duty in my view. The xbox one has lots of promise and I reckon will be worth looking into getting, but I'll probably be sitting around with a weak gaming pc and my xbox 360 till late 2014 or maybe even 2015, simply because the console isn't offering enough games or content yet to warrant the next-gen cost. Also Borderlands the Pre-Sequel has ensured that no matter what, I would be keeping the 360 plugged in for the majority of 2014
  • Justyn_2189
    I am a lot like the journalist here. I believe that in order to form an opinion, you need to be an owner of every system. Now.. I think Microsoft has always been a contender and leader of multiplayer, simply because of how great they were keeping their servers up and running and how they used to make you feel special. Most people don't understand why Sony is starting to pull away, and I have a slight idea. Sony has been in the Video Game industry for 20+ years. They have been a company for 30+. They have seen the changes that need to be made, and have always been quite good with customer service. This is the GOLDEN AGE of Customer Service and making the customer FEEL like he is appreciated.

    Microsoft didn't change with the times.. They started off thinking they still had a strong firm grip on the consumer base before their system even hit the shelves. Sony has been through this a few times, and they really got their ego's kicked in the era before.. they were head hauncho, and they didn't really know how to deal with it.. They fell into a rut, where they thought they could just put out a powerful enough system, and their fan base would just carry over. They found out fast, that falling behind the competition, and having a strong fan base will carry over.

    Sony learned a lot from the last era. They listened to the consumer, and packaged it perfect, didn't try to do away with used games.. and disc sharing. They used all that against Microsoft, and they even hit a lower price point, while having the more powerful system. Yes it is due to bundling the kinect, (but to be honest, I like being able to tell my XBox to turn on.. lol it is a neat feature when playing to tell it to snap twitch, and unsnap.. etc.., but I do run into issues when I want to keep playing while setting all that up.)

    Anyways.. I played on PC when I was a kid, and grew up with consoles. My Father really spoiled me, and I have zero complaints in that area.. But as I got older (Late Teens), I had to start choosing my game systems.. and I thought the Dreamcast was an amazing system. Shenmue is probably still one of my favorite games of all time. It was way too far ahead of its time, and the poor marketing really did a number on that system. I picked the PS2 after it started to come available again.. and my best friend got an xbox. I enjoyed the few games he had on xbox, but it was never enough to make me desire one.. the playstation had all these fancy games, and seemed to be quite innovative.

    I am not a big first person shooter fan (Love 3rd Person shooters, I,E, SOCOM 1/2, and hopefully H-Hour: World's Elite when it finishes). I do enjoy TitanFall on my XBox One. It is very fun, considering that I don't usually enjoy FPS's.

    I was lucky enough to win an Xbox One on release day, from Mountain Dew, and I had my ps4 pre-ordered and paid off months before release date! LOL. I like the idea of pre-ordering the systems at Gamestop, its almost like a lay-away and definitely makes the price point considerably easier. Instead of dropping 1k in gaming systems this past November, I got away with roughly 20$ a week until they were paid off.

    I bought an XBOX 360, after the red ring of death was pretty much over with, I was completely turned off on paying for the ability to play a game I paid 60$ for online, especially when it was free on the PS3. I just didn't like double paying for it, but Playstation came up with the "Plus" membership, and I read about it, and It gave discounts on almost all the games, offered free games, free demos, and basically what amounts to a free rental (timed trial). Gold started giving away games later down the road, but I still didn't find a game that just hooked me in, and while most people felt comfortable using the xbox controllers.. I preferred the playstation controller better.

    So... Naturally the best option for all gamers is for competition between the gaming systems.. because if their wasn't multiple systems, they wouldn't have any incentive to make all these bold new ips, and I feel like creativity might just go out the window.

    You are right though, the Xbox One really don't have much outside of Titanfall / Forza / Dead Rising 3, and they aren't all that spectacular, on the flip side.. PS4 doesn't have anything special either outside abunch of indies.. Infamous Second Sun.. and better graphics in general.

    This generation of systems, it looks like I am going to buy my multiplats for ps4, and the exclusives on their respective systems.

    They also need to stop making "remastered" versions of games that just released.. I feel ripped off.. and I don't think a graphical upgrade, is really going to make me buy the game for 60$ AGAIN. If they offered some type of upgrade for like 20$ or something, I'd do it.. but common.. I heard GTA V is getting remastered too.. Now I wouldn't mind getting them again, but they better not be 60$ because I refuse to pay that twice.

    I enjoyed Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, but I hadn't played the Original for the PS3 either.
  • Matt_9329
    Is your site just used to troll xbox? It sure looks that way. Find a better hobby.
  • Katy Hollingsworth
    Former Staff Editor
    Edited for name calling.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Wrote two articles in the past week calling out Sony. Do you even read?
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I'm in almost the exact opposite pool. Luckily enough my parents bought me an N64 back when it came out and we also got a PS2. I didn't have to spend the money there. Once I reached an age where I got a job and started buying things for myself, I had to make a decision. My dad has had a computer my entire life, so I was introduced very early in life to PC. PC was where my gaming life really started, that skiing game with the snow monster, Oregon Trail, and this pirate board game video game. I can't remember the names of them haha, so long ago.

    Anyway, after the N64 and PS2 ran their coarse with me, I had to make a decision. Spend all my tiny amounts of money on one console, OR spend a decent amount on an awesome computer. I went with PC and have ever since. I didn't buy the PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360 or any of the Wii's. I didn't buy any of the handhelds, except the PSP (which I kinda regret, didn't play much on it). All I've spent my money on has been PC's.

    With that background, the only console that has appealed to me since the PS2 is the Xbox One. Mostly because of it's versatility. I am used to being able to do anything with my PC, the Xbox One has been the console that comes closest to that versatility. The reasons I haven't actually bought one though are nearly identical to yours. The price tag and the lack of games.

    I expect in about 2 years or so, it will actually be worth buying the Xbox One.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Given the lack of exclusives on the 360 late in its lifespan, I'm not sure I'll ever have the Xbox One.

    The reason I left PC gaming behind is just because I was missing out on too many exclusives, especially in the PlayStation and Nintendo world. Just couldn't see sacrificing such gems, nor did I want to sacrifice my recliner and big screen in the living room. :)

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