Nether: A newly announced Survival Horror MMO coming Fall 2013

Developer Phosphor Games announces survival horror MMO, Nether today

Today, developer Phosphor games, along with studio Nether Productions announced its newest game, Nether. The game will be classified as a survival-horror MMO and will throw you into a post apocalyptic world as one of the last survivors of the human race that have reverted back to a more uncivilized nature. If that was not bad enough the looming presence of demonic creatures also exists. Your task throughout the game is to collect food, weapons, and other survival items and make a choice to either become part of a group or live your life as a lone wolf. 

At this point, Nether is in its alpha stage with a planned playable beta releasing this fall. For information on being a part of this experience, gamers should check for updates on their Facebook page, their official site, and on their twitter page.

The studios behind the games both have veterans that have worked on top-tier survival horror games as well as MMOs. The full version of the game will release this fall. Screenshots of Nether are posted below. What do you think of this new spin on survival horror? Leave comments below.




Published Aug. 15th 2013
  • Ali_2028
    I would love to get this game on a console other than PC it would be amazing!
  • austin jay
    will this game be available on a mac ? does any know or know how to find out ?
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    This has the potential to be really good. Survival horror as an mmo could be really fun if done correctly.

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