King Oddball Is Not the Odd One Out - Launches Soon for Xbox One and PC

King Oddball breaks its way on to Xbox One and Steam September 9th.

King Oddball, a cult classic, is making its way to the Xbox One via Microsoft's [email protected] Xbox system. Slated for release on September 9th, 2016, King Oddbalwill be making its way to Steam, the PC game distribution service, as well.

For those people who have not heard of King Oddball, it is a physics based puzzle game not unlike Angry Birds, but emphasizes on the structures of the puzzles in addition to the player's skills. Player's will also be playing as King Oddball, the game's namesake, who hurls large boulders at either tanks, soldiers, or helicopters. The caveat, though, is that the player must crush more than one enemy per tongue-swing. King Oddball's tongue swings like the pendulum on a grandfather  clock, giving the player an opportune amount of time to calculate their shot. Finding hidden mustaches will also unlock hidden features as well.

When it is released on September 9th, King Oddball will have more than 120 levels and secrets, 40 new levels for the Xbox One release, and original music by Jonathon Geer. 

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Published Feb. 25th 2020

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