Fortidskriger - The Slayer of Issormir

After casting aside the corruption of the sons of Svanir, Fortidskriger vowed to defend all of Tyria against the Elder Dragons and reclaim the Shiverpeaks as home of the Norn.

Long after being corrupted by the power of Jormag and inducted into the Sons of Svanir, Fortidskriger saw the wake of death and destruction in his path due to the ambitions of the Sons. He decided to forsake his brothers and start a new life amongst his people, the towering Norn of Hoelbrek. Fortidskriger saw an opportunity to redeem himself in The Great Hunt and followed the Path of Bear, using his might to kill the giant ice wurm, Issormir, and becoming a hero of the people.

Now, he fights against the corruption of the Elder Dragons across all of Tyria but will never forget the corruption that was once within him.

Fortidskriger wears full Norn T3 Heavy armor and uses a Corrupted Avenger with a Corrupted Axe and Skeggox as secondary weapons.

Dyes used: Abyss, Dapple (the blue on the armor) and Sea Ice (antlers and bone spikes).

Published Aug. 2nd 2013

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