Star Wars 1313 Would Have Been Multiplatform, Most Likely

If Star Wars 1313 ever sees the light of day, it'll probably be on multiple platforms.

Will Star Wars 1313 ever come to fruition? Well, if it does, it won't be exclusive to Microsoft's new console.

A fan asked Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer on his Twitter page if the anticipated title might be an Xbox One exclusive. However, as Disney is basically in charge now, Spencer replied:

 Star Wars 1313 was initially announced at E3 2012. It was unveiled as a third-person action/adventure game from LucasArts, and was supposed to feature the iconic bounty hunter, Boba Fett, as the main character. Unfortunately, when Disney acquired the lucrative Star Wars franchise and closed down LucasArts in 2013, the game was canceled.

Since then, there have been rumors concerning the project's resurrection. We know the game's creative director, Dominic Robillard, joined the PlayStation side and he's working on an unannounced project. So, there's no knowing if Star Wars 1313 will ever see release.

No chance it'll be exclusive to any platform

If it does come out, there's zero chance it'll be exclusive. Massive companies like Disney don't voluntarily limit their audience size, especially when they're pedaling one of the biggest IPs in entertainment history. No, any Star Wars game produced will undoubtedly be created for as many platforms as possible. Companies that size don't care about such petty things as "console wars," ya know.

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Published Feb. 3rd 2014

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