5 Craziest PUBG Kills And Killing Sprees

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I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

YouTube and Twitch user DatGuyLirik, within only the first minute of this highlight video managed to pull of a sweet plan for survival -- find a vehicle, get a crate drop in hopes of picking up an LMG, then camp the bridge. 

Sure enough he did exactly that (while killing someone along the way) and quickly found a crate drop with an LMG. So he camped out on the bridge north west of the military base, where the circle seemingly was destined to close in.

Then began one of the most satisfying killing sprees I've ever seen. What makes this killing spree even more special is that Lirik wasn't playing in solo -- he was playing in a game with squads of 4, by himself.

This killing spree ended up being so massive because of how many players tend to group up in a vehicle -- so taking those out multiplied Lirik's kill count to an insane number. By the time it was all said and done, Lirik was winner winner chicken dinner with 22 kills under his belt. And it's one of the best sprees I've ever seen in PUBG. 


What are your favorite highlights in PUBG? Post them down below in the comments -- I'd love to see more! And if you want to embark on your own insane killing sprees, be sure to check out our helpful PUBG guides:


Published May. 21st 2017

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