Free Beta Demo For The Letter Out Now

Players may now download Yangyang Mobile's beta demo for The Letter free of charge.

Yangyang Mobile has received funding for a Kickstarter campaign for its game The Letter.

The developer announced that there is also a free beta demo for everybody to play--not just backers of the project. 

Although mostly the same as it was before, The Letter now features a relationship system. Depending on what players say to each character, the relationship between them may change. Along with these changes comes voice acting in most parts of the game.

Players are able to experience the game up to where it had been developed in the alpha demo. However, the option to skip QTEs is also available for people who do not wish to deal with them, which for the most part was not in the alpha version demo at all. 

The game seems to be more polished as well. Players have the ability to change quality from high to low, and vice versa, to accommodate for older systems.  Yangyang said this is how the finalized version may feel, but that any errors or typos in the beta demo will be addressed. 

The demo is for Windows, Mac and Linux. Players can download it here on for free. After playing the demo, players may complete a survey to give feedback about ways to improve The Letter and may even receive a free wallpaper in exchange. 


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Published Aug. 22nd 2016

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