5 PlayStation Collections the Vita Needs and You Want

The Patapon Collection

The one issue that the Vita inherited from the PSP was its lack of exclusive properties that made carrying one around worth the investment. Not to say that Sony’s pocket systems never had any killer apps of their own, and a prime example of that was Japan Studio’s Patapon, a rhythm-based real-time strategy game that had you time your beats for some beat-downs.

Timing different combinations to the tune of a jungle drum, players would guide a growing tribe of savages to victory as they would challenge rival tribes for land and posterity in order to regain the honor they once had for their Patapon heritage. Patapon became popular enough to spawn two more sequels with its surprisingly deep and quirky gameplay, and it wasn’t long before the trilogy was considered to be a cult-classic among PlayStation fans, and voyeurs alike.

Strangely enough, two of the three games never saw a Vita port, which was a shame considering how brilliant the touch-screen interface could be for a reimagined control scheme. Then there’s the upcoming remaster of the collection that’s slated to release for the PS4 later this year; a Vita version of that collection with a Cross-Save feature for its console counterpart would make all the sense in the world for Sony to follow through with -- like, an absolute no-brainer even.

Published Apr. 7th 2017

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