20XX Tournament Edition is almost here for competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee

20XX Tournament Edition launches on November 28 for competitive SUper Smash Bros. Melee players.

The long awaited 20XX Tournament Edition is just on the horizon. The developer of the mod, Dan Salvato, offers fans of Super Smash Bros. Melee a whole new way to practice. 

Slated for a November 28th launch, the mod gives players everything they could have ever wanted for their beloved game. 20XX TE allows for a consistent training process and caters to players who are looking to improve. 

The mod includes a replay system, booting from a memory card, button input detailing, and so much more. With so many tools at one's disposal, any player has the potential to improve at a rapid rate. The mod will finally give a players an optimal way to practice by themselves. Newcomers to the game will also find it much easier to enter the competitive community with the introduction of 20XX TE. 

This is a huge leap forward for a game that is already 14 years old. With the introduction of 20XX TE, the possibilities for competitive growth are endless.

Bellow is the full feature list for 20XX TE:

General Changes

  • All characters, stages, and trophies unlocked
  • Game settings set on boot: 4 stock, 8 minutes, Friendly Fire on
  • Title screen demo and intro video disabled
  • Special messages disabled
  • C-Stick enabled in 1P modes
  • Unrestricted pause camera
  • Start VS matches with only 1 player
  • Nametags disappear during Zelda/Sheik/Mewtwo teleport upB
  • Start button actions disabled when holding X+Y (easier controller resetting)
  • Press X/Y on Random Stage screen to load singes/doubles presets
  • Pressing Start on match results screen doesn't undo your ready state (re-mapped to B)
  • Press Reset to immediately go to the 20XX Settings menu from anywhere
  • Press D-pad up/down on character select screen to toggle rumble on/off
  • Extended Name Entry - up to 8 characters on name entry screen
  • Press X for lowercase characters on name entry screen
  • Save a replay of your last match by pressing Z on the character select screen
  • Choose your menu music by playing a song in Sound Test
  • Stage Striking - press X on Stage Select to strike stages
  • Frozen Mode - press Y on Stage Select to toggle Frozen Mode
  • Taunt Battle - new 2v2 Mario game mode - get points by completing taunts

Tournament Features (available whether "Tournament Mode" is on or off)

  • Tournament Mode switch disables all intrusive aesthetic/mechanic changes
  • Neutral Spawn Points - players always spawn in neutral starting locations
  • Game Version - Toggle between v1.00 and v1.02 (affects hitlag behavior, Bowser's Flame Cancel, and Link/YLink boomerang cancel)
  • 16:9 widescreen mode on/off
  • Frozen Mode toggle on/off
  • Pausing requires holding Start on/off
  • Enable slightly reduced volume of Dream Land 64 music (to improve venue acoustics)
  • Lock settings to prevent tampering during tournaments

Non-Tournament Features (available only when "Tournament Mode" is disabled)

  • "Ready To Fight" banner is green to indicate that Tournament Mode is disabled
  • Skip Results Screen on/off
  • Randomize Stage Music on/off
  • Extra Shield Colors on/off
  • Disable Screen Rumble during powerful attacks on/off
  • Character flashes on successful/unsuccessful L-cancel on/off
  • Spoof Controller Plugins on/off
  • Hold A+B for salty runback on/off
  • Enable Taunt Cancelling on/off
  • Disable Star KO to speed up matches on/off
  • L-Cancel Training Wheels on/off (automatically L-cancel but flash on successful input)
  • D-pad to save/load character states on/off
  • Toggle Infinite Shields on/off
  • Toggle Fixed Camera on/off
  • Toggle Collision Bubbles on/off
  • Unfreeze endgame: Disables freezing on "GAME!", enabling another 2 seconds of movement before the match results
  • Enable live input display HUD

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Published Oct. 29th 2015

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