Ability Score Mini-Cast Wisdom 1: SWAT the Review Scores!!

Ability Scorecast has another Mini-cast for you guys! Check it out.

It's podcast time once again! 

In this cast we talk about two fairly different topics. We start off with SWATing. Pierre gets rather heated, and Autumn gets shocked. Both are confused as to why people do this.

We then move on to talking about reviews, specifically scoreless reviews. And talk about what we like about scored and scoreless reviews.

Listen to the podcast by following this link.

This is our first Wisdom cast

We talk about our experience with video games. This could be a rather broad discussion.

In these mini-casts, you will find opinions on things that have happened and discussions about games that have helped or hindered  us in some way. These are all about experiences we had within a game or the industry.

Welcome to the Ability Scorecast

We are the Ability Scorecast. We love talking about games, and we love writing about them too. Let’s face it, we just simply love ‘em, you love ‘em too, and we all want to hear about them! Tune in for some of the most interesting discussions in gaming (maybe… kind of… we aim for it at least).

What is the Ability Scorecast?

So what sets us apart from other podcasts? Well, we have a Character Card. Can any other podcast say that? I didn’t think so.

Our character card is rather special, and it effectively keeps track of how many Casts we have recorded.

Our total level is directly represented by our regular, weekly to biweekly podcasts (will confirm the details with Pierre later on).

Our stats increase as we complete “Mini-casts” based off of a specific Character Attribute.

For example, Strength mini-casts are usually discussions about the games industry and how strong their products/services are being presented. That would give us a +1 boost to our Strength parameter.

More information available on our website's About Us page.

Featured Correspondent

-- Games are a passion as well as a hobby. Other writing of mine found on at www.scrncheat.com

Published Feb. 28th 2015

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