Teams Invited to the OGN Dota 2 Invitational Tournament

I expect a lot of things to snowball from here on out.

Almost a year ago, Steam established a partnership with South Korean publishing giant Nexon. Nexon did some big things laying out a one year plan for a Dota 2 Sponsorship league. And then this--the OGN Dota 2 Invitational Tournament to be held in South Korea.

This is big news for eSports in general. One of Korea's biggest organizers showed great interest to invest in a very competitive and crowd-driven game; I expect a lot of things to snowball from here on out.

Here are the invited teams so far:

cn DK (Team interview here)

  • DK is the Miami Heat of Dota 2. They got the Big 3 of South-East Asia/Chinese Scene.
  • Mushi, the captain of the 3rd placing team (Orange eSports of Malaysia) in The International 2013
  • iceiceice (Team Zenith of Singapore) aka the 1v1 Champ in TI3; his team did not do well in the tournament
  • Burning, the legendary carry player of China.
us Dignitas
  • These guys are solid, with Korok, bdiz and 1437 as their core.
  • Experiences in the NA, EU and Chinese scene will be a big factor in this newly rebuilt team.

eu Fnatic
  • They were having a slump as a team during the past month
  • Regained stable teamplay within the past few weeks
  • Momentum is on their side
ru Virtus.Pro
  • VP is unpredictable, there are times that they lose to tier 2/3 teams even at full roster
  • They pick unorthodox heroes
  • Aggressive playstyle
  • Combined talent and experience will be key in playing against these new teams
  • Their game is controlled by their highly experienced support players (NS who has been the first champion of The International and Goblak a well-renowned support in the CIS region)

 United States Team Liquid

  • With their recent "reshuffle," Liquid has been looking strong lately
  • qoqjva will play a significant role as a mid-lane hero with his aggressive playstyle
  • waytosexy provides this team a lot of versatility when it comes to support/utility roles


  • This will be their first LAN event as a team
  • Formerly known as "Kaipi"
  • A ragtag team of pubstomp/competitive players with raw talent and skill to boot
  • Star players "Singsing" and "EternalEnvy" will carry the team on their shoulders

Teams to be invited in my wishlist:

  1. Alliance
  2. Na'Vi


Here's a sample of Korean Dota 2 casting for the lulz:

Published Oct. 2nd 2013

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