Winter is Coming - Top 10 Winter Wonderlands in Games

Banjo Kazooie - Freezeezy Peak


Freezeezy Peak is one of those snow levels that, although fun, can get very annoying. Ice mechanics in video games have never been my favorite, but ice mechanics in a platformer? Way worse.

This is probably the level in Banjo Kazooie that held the biggest number of deaths for me, and for a good reason. The snowmen here are relentless. RELENTLESS.

Suffice it to say, the level's creative winter themes are a lot of fun to mess around with. You can decorate a Christmas Tree with lights, give gifts to little polar bears, or bust your beak on the giant snowman's buttons.

This is definitely one of the more creative levels that came out of Banjo Kazooie, and it makes me wish there were a pure winter one in the sequel, Banjo Tooie. Alas, it seems they wanted to mix it up with Hailfire Peak, an area containing the dangers of both fire and ice.

Published Nov. 20th 2014

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