9 Games to Play With Your "Non-Gamer" Friends

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Death Squared

Rounding out our list is Death Squared. The cheeky narration in this game is reminiscent of Portal and really adds to the atmosphere of this co-op puzzler. Grab a buddy and work together to get your cubes where they belong without killing each other with lasers, spikes, or other silly traps. The fun comes in the dumb mistakes you're bound to make learning how each level works. You can also grab two extra friends and head into four-player mode for four times the chaos.


This concludes out list of games to play with your more "casual" friends. Be sure to let us know which games from this list you've tried and which are your favorites. Did we miss a game you would recommend to gaming newbies? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to stick around GameSkinny for more game recommendations!

Published Jan. 28th 2018

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