Mega Charizard X and Y Appear

Charizard is now blue. In other words, does anyone else feel like they're in the twilight zone looking at this?

Is this Nintendo's idea of trying to get me to buy both versions of Pokemon X and Y?

...It's working.

The classic Charizard for the Pokemon series and the original BAMF starter, if you ask me, recently had its Mega Evolution form showcased. It is awesome.

But apparently, along with that, if you're planning on copping Pokemon X, Mega Charizard will also have a color change! Along with Charizard getting the 'shiny treatment' in X, there are a few other noticeable differences between the two types.

Where Mega Charizard Y's evolution increases its SP attack, Mega Charizard X gets an attack boost and the ability to use Tough Claws and the Dragon Tail skill. Both versions can be seen in the trailer. Mega Charizard is also now a Fire and Dragon type, which of course is only surprising because it TOOK SO LONG. 

Pokemon capable of Mega evolution evolve temporarily when given a mysterious stone that seems to work like an evolution stone, and in the case of these bad boys, it's called the super inconspicuous Charizardite X or Y. You can decide which form the Pokémon evolves into by deciding whether it holds Charizardite X or Charizardite Y, so you can easily hustle your way out of either version with a quick trade if you felt so inclined.

Something about blue Charizard feels rather surreal by sheer default, considering the original coloring is so iconic anything else seems kind of... wrong.

What do you guys think? Has this changed anyone's opinion about which version they are going to get first?

Hmm baby arm wings or blue whiskers? Decisions, decisions...

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Published Oct. 2nd 2013

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