Open World MMO Corepunk Announcement Trailer Comes Online

Fog of war, crafting, and deadly combat are coming in this top-down sci fi/fantasy MMORPG.

A new top-down MMORPG that blends fantasy and sci-fi elements is in the works from Artificial Core. It looks to scratch a very specific itch for WoW fans seeking something a little more futuristic and non-linear than MMO Blizzard built. 

In development for half a decade already, Corepunk features a persistent world with four unique cultures and an amalgam of character types including options like Paladin, Ironclad (which sure looks like a steampunk orc), and Bombergirl.

The announcement trailer  seen at the top of this article  makes it clear there will be no shortage of aesthetic options available for players, from futuristic kevlar armor to football pads. Many classic MMORPG staples are also on display, as well, like crop growing, mining, wood chopping, crafting, and a worldwide economy for trading needed resources.

In conjunction with the official announcement and trailer, Producer Eugene Kiver of Artificial Core commented: 

Corepunk represents a synthesis of our favorite settings and themes from science fiction. Over the course of five years, we’ve expanded our team to over 100 people to ensure our vision of the ultimate futuristic fantasy comes to life. We can’t wait to have MMORPG fans live out their technocratic dreams with us.

Although there appears to be a decent amount of traditional fetch-questing in Corepunk, what we've seen so far indicates a heavy amount of strategy will be involved as well. Groups of enemies can far deadlier than those found in traditional "kill x monsters" systems. Fog of war is also expected to be a primary mechanic used with ambushes in PvP mode.

Although there is no official release date at this time, Corepunk is due to launch into open beta in late 2020. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Corepunk news and info as it drops. 

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Published Dec. 11th 2019

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