Protect Your Neck! Game Breaking Bug In Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y glitch found that will eff your game up

Note to all Pokemon Trainers: Protect ya neck!

According to multiple player reports, forum rage, and a video or two, a really nasty bug has been found when players have tried to save in Pokemon X and Y's Lumiose City.

When loading a file in which the player has saved in Lumiose City, the game locks up when loading. The bug has been rendering player's files irreversibly corrupt after saving in the region. Some players have reported that their 3DS even became unresponsive after trying to load their save file, in which case there is literally nothing else you can do but delete and start over. Yeah, talk about  game rage.

So if you're currently herp-derping along and find yourself in Lumiose City, you may want to do yourself a favor and just not save.

Although the glitch seems to occur fairly randomly, various versions always seem to occur when saving around taxis. If you happen to save outside while a taxi is going by, the game could potentially freeze, with the music still playing eerily in the background. Just in case, be sure to avoid taxis like the plague.

In case you haven't hit it yet, Lumiose City is one of the main metropolis of the Kalos region in Pokemon X/Y. Heavily inspired by Paris, France, the city boasts the Prism Tower at its center (you can't miss it) and many shops in which players can purchase everything from evolution stones to clothes. (Speaking of, has anyone figured out how to get into that darn clothing store in Lumiose City yet?! No? Dang.)

You can check out a video of the bug corrupting a player's 3DS here. The bug has been reported across both European and Japanese versions of the game, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

Published Oct. 15th 2013
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    And here I was hoping 'protect your neck' was an Attack on Titan reference. :(
  • GirlGoneGaming
    I think I love you forever for this comment THAT IS MY SHOW YO. We need to start doing anime reviews because this season has some great stuff!

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