Reach out to friends with the SOE Recruit Rewards Program

SOE's new Recruit Rewards Program launched today and will allow players to invite friends and earn a variety of rewards!

SOE announced today the beta launch of a Recruit Rewards program for Everquest, Everquest II, and Planetside 2. Players will be able to recruit friends and earn a variety of rewards including potions, titles, mounts and house items. Rewards vary by game, but may be enough to entice players to start talking to their friends about trying out one of these titles.

So how does this program work?

Recruiters with an account in good standing will be able to invite new or old members, as long as the invited account has not logged into a recruit rewards game for the past 6 months. Players can send e-mail invitations directly to friends or have friends utilize a link from their social media site to sign up. You may have 20 open invitations at one time and invitations will expire after 60 days. The recruits will receive a Welcome Package upon logging in, but are not considered “official recruits” until they spend $10. Once a recruit has met the qualifying amount, the recruiter will receive their rewards.  

The Recruit Rewards program is currently only open to Everquest, Everquest II, and Planetside 2. There are plans to expand the program to also include DC Universe Online as another game title as the program progresses. Are the rewards here enough to encourage players to recruit new members? The rewards are definitely tempting, so this program is sure to be the topic of future conversations amongst friends. Currently the top recruiter level involves recruiting 25 people, which is a huge undertaking for any potential recruiter. Will we see recruiters pulling in those sorts of numbers or will there be some changes made to the Recruit Rewards program during this Beta phase? Since a recruit can reach a “qualifying” status over time, there’s definitely hope!

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Published Jul. 18th 2013

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