Should you buy the Dota 2 Fall Compendium?

The 2015 Fall Compendium. Whats in it then? Is it worth the money?
The Dota 2 Fall Season Compendium has been out for almost two weeks now and, if you still haven't bought one and can't decide whether you should or not, this article should help you out.
So what is the Compendium about?

Nowadays, in most big Dota 2 championships, instead of selling a ticket for watching the event, Valve makes these "Compendiums" that double both as a ticket and as a book that gives you in-game tasks. Completing said tasks will give you great rewards - free items and skins, for example!

Unlike The International (TI) Compendiums however, buying the Fall Season Compendium (also a ticket for The Frankfurt Majors 2015) will not increase the prize pool of the main event. The Compendium itself costs only $3.99 for the Level 1 version, and $9.99 for the Level 25 version.

So...all the Compendium revenue goes to Valve?

Well...the sets that can be earned from TI compendiums are made by Valve, so the the money that doesn't count towards the prize pool does go directly to Valve. The sets and items from the Fall Season Compendium, however, are made by the community, so that part of the money goes to the talented artists that worked on these models!

One thing to note, though, is that the Fall Season Compendium will last only til November 24, 2015. So if you are thinking about buying the Compendium, you'd better hurry up so you have time to use it to the fullest!

Compendium content

So what does the Fall Season 2015 Compendium contain? Similar to the TI5 compendium, the Fall Season Compendium has 4 weekly random challenges, 10 hero challenges, and a list of achievements. Completing any of these tasks will reward you with coins and/or compendium points.

You can also recycle 10 items to get a coin charm that has the potential to be redeemed for 750 coins.

There is also a new way to get coins - wagers!

  • Before a match begins, players can place a wager with Compendium coins
  • When the match begins, the wagers from all players are added together, minus 5%, to form the total coin pool
  • After the match, each player on the winning team is awarded a percentage of the coin pool based on their wager compared to the rest of their team

As usual, every 100 compendium points will level up your Compendium by 1 level.

And just like in the recent TI5 Compendium, you can redeem the collected coins for a random set (1000 coins), or for a random item (200 coins). 

Unlike the recent TI5 Compendium, you can also buy a coin treasure (400 coins).

Coin treasure - new in the Fall 2015 Compendium

The coin treasure is a brand new concept in Dota 2 treasures. So far, the treasure boxes available in Dota 2 have contained either a bunch of items or a bunch of sets. It used to be that you got one of the sets/items at random when opening the treasure box.

The coin treasure contains both single items and full sets. The rewards are divided in three tiers, with one extremely rare item that can be won alongside the sets.

The Bronze tier contains three single items, and is the most common one to get:

The Silver tier contains three single items, and is a bit rarer: 

The Gold tier contains 5 full sets, and is very rare:

The Golden Ornithomancer Mantle is the rarest one. It can be attained alongside one of the main rewards, but, predictably, the chance of that happening is microscopic.

Another characteristic for this new treasure is the crafting system. You can and will get duplicates when opening the coin treasure, but the crafting system will let you craft lower tier items into higher tier items. This means you can sacrifice your bronze and silver tier duplicates or unwanted items to get gold tier sets! Here's how it works:

Bronze Upgrade: Any three bronze tier items can be traded for one random silver tier item.

Silver Upgrade: Any three silver tier items can be traded for one random gold tier set.

Gold Retry: In case you are not happy with your gold tier set, or you have duplicates, you can trade any two gold tier sets for one random different gold tier set.

This means that even if you get super unlucky and only get bronze items, you can still get one gold tier set with 9 Coin Treasures (3600 coins).

Level rewards

At certain Compendium levels, you will be rewarded with some sort of a prize.

Tribute of the Piercing Beak

The Tribute of the Piercing Beak is the second treasure box you can receive from the Fall Season Compendium. It contains 6 sets without particle effects, and an item called the Infuser that will add particle effects to certain items of these sets. Opening the treasure will give you one of the sets, with a small chance to also get the Very Rare Lina set, and a chance to get the Infuser. There is a 100% chance to get the Infuser on every 5th treasure, as well as on the first one!

The Tribute of the Piercing Beak contains one the following sets (all of these sets are of mythical rarity):

For just $3.99 ( the price of one medium popcorn at the cinema/half a cinema ticket/a drink at StarBucks/a small meal at Mcdonalds), you can buy the Fall Season Compendium, that will make your daily Dota 2 play a bit more interesting. You will get a chance to do some awesome challenges and make wagers with coins that will reward you with even more coins, treasure chests and free items!

So the bottom line is: if you have four bucks to spare, and you play Dota 2 more than once a week, the Compendium is definitely worth it for you!

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Published Oct. 14th 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Contributor
    For once a question title which isn't no. It's basically, do you like Dota 2? Do it you like Dota 2 played competitively? Do you have some money floating around? If all of the above are yes, buy it. Otherwise, no.

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