Console/PC gaming to earn more than mobile in 2015

Console/PC gaming combined are expected to earn more than mobile gaming.

According to a recent report from SuperData Research, console and PC gaming combined are estimated to make more than mobile gaming in 2015.

This comes after a year in which Clash of Clans alone made roughly $1.8B, with Puzzles and Dragons and Candy Crush Saga also making $1.5B and and $1B respectively.

The total global gaming market is slated to earn roughly $74.2B in 2015, with mobile gaming accounting for $22.3B, and retail/PC/digital console games accounting for $30.3B.

Virtual reality, eSports, social gaming, gaming video content, and MMOs make up what is left of the wonderful video game pie-chart below. (Image from

As the mobile platform continues to grow larger and larger, the gap between traditional forms of gaming and mobile is sure to shrink.

The report also states that "the industry’s gravity point has shifted from physical to digital media," a very visible trend over the past few years, particularly since the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

From this data, it would certainly appear that the gaming market as a whole is booming, with many kinds of games contributing to the rapid expansion.


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Published Jun. 16th 2020

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