Phil Spencer Confirms EA Access Members get Star Wars Battlefront Early

Xbox One Owners with EA Access will be able to play Star Wars Battlefront for five days before anyone else.

Star Wars Battlefront is at the top of many gamers must have list for the holiday season. After EA and DICE put on an impressive show of its gameplay at E3 it was obvious Battlefront would be stiff competition. The video also unleashed a flood of questions from gamers itching to learn anything new about the game.

They have stormed the social media pages of EA, DICE, Microsoft, and Playstation to try dragging out the tiniest details from executives there. Nearly all of those executives have stayed tight-lipped about Battlefront. Except for Xbox Boss Phil Spencer who did confirm one thing about the game on Twitter. Star Wars Battlefront according to Spencer will be playable first on Xbox One with EA Access.

The EA Access subscription service launched on Xbox One in August last years to give gamers special access to certain EA titles. Similar to PlayStation Plus, as long as gamers keep their subscription going they get access to the games in EA's fault. Usually the games in the vault have been out for a while, having run their course in retail stores.

It also gives them exclusive access to new EA games like Star Wars Battlefront on Xbox One before anyone else. That means Xbox One owners will be getting ahold of Star Wars Battlefront for five days before everyone else. This will be a great way for EA to get gamers interested in subscribing to EA Access.

If you're a PS4 owner or an Xbox One owner who doesn't want to subscribe to EA Access though the news will probably feel like a slap to the face. It's hard to disagree when a group of people are getting early access to one of the hottest games of the year because they paid more. EA obviously wants to make money on their games but this isn't the way to do it.


Published Jul. 20th 2015
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    This mainly benefits content producers like myself, more than anyone else. Everybody gets access to the game after those five days are up, and we'll be playing before the Day One Patch goes into effect, so we'll probably face more bugs than the average user.

    It's not as horrible an injustice as it might first seem to PS4 and XB1 gamers. Just a nice bonus for those of us who want or already have EA Access.

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