Top 5 Impactful Moments in World of Warcraft

3. Leeroy Jenkins

Third in our countdown is the infamous Leeroy Jenkins. All the rage and the war cry of many pullers of mobs and bosses, Leeroy Jenkins brought about some humor and a different perspective to the idea of dungeons and raids.

As seen in the video above, the community involved in raiding and dungeons is one of planning, but it also comes with some humor and brotherhood/sisterhood. And in the end, even when things don't go according to plan, thinking on the fly becomes a valuable resource.

For many, this video spurred on joining the community of World of Warcraft and the game itself. The video was so well recieved that an achievement, a title, and even many in-game items came about on Blizzard's behalf, solidifying this moment as one of the greatest in World of Warcraft.

Published Jan. 15th 2018

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