5 Easy DIY Overwatch Halloween Costumes

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How to DIY Officer D.Va 

The only thing that might give you some trouble is constructing a fairly believable looking Asian police hat, but even that shouldn't be too hard to do!

What You Need: 
  1. Baby Blue Dress Shirt: Ideally with two front pockets. This should fit you pretty well, since you're going to want to be wearing a tie with this one and won't just be letting it flop open in all the usual stress areas of temperamental button-downs.
  2. Navy or Black Dress Pants: High waisted ones fit the bill nicely, belted at the top, with shirt tails neatly tucked in. 

  3. Bunny Patch: You can find plenty of Etsy sellers like this one where you can buy a D.VA bunny patch, but you can always make your own and just pin it to the front of your shirt.

  4. Wig (optional): Even if you're a brunettte with long hair, it helps to have the bangs just so. Thankfully, D.Va is super easy to style, and this kind of wig you can find almost anywhere.

  5. Tie: Black and blue diagonal stripes make up the original, but as you can see above, you can play around with this color scheme without too much adverse effect. 

  6. White Gloves: These are crazy plentiful during this season in costume stores and dollar stores, but you can also find them in accessory stores as well (try to look for cotton gloves instead of shiny satin if you can). 

  7. Police Hat: Honestly, even if you nabbed a western police hat and wore it with the rest, you could still find yourself very identifiably D.Va. If you don't want to do this, take a look at your local teeny accessories store (here in Canada, I like looking up Ardene's) for a hat where you can modify the brim (felt hats are really easy to work with), add some braid, and draw the rest of the designs to pin to the front.

  8. Makeup: What makes D.Va instantly recognizable are the marks on her face. Make sure these little triangles pop! You can use makeup or you can use face paint (this might be easier for those of you without a steady hand). If you need to, buy yourself a triangle makeup sponge from the dollar store and use it as a stamping tool.

(image credit @kiyocosplay)

Published Oct. 9th 2017

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