5 Easy DIY Overwatch Halloween Costumes

Doctor Mercy

Having just lent out my own lab coat and stethoscope for a coworker's daughter's upcoming Halloween costume, I have a fair idea of how easily you can pull together a doctor costume. While this is not exactly an official costume or skin of Mercy's by any means, the Dr. Ziegler cosplay idea has spread in the wake of busy con-goers who wanted a more casual way to represent the most popular support character in the game. 

So while you could deck yourself out in full regalia, either by dropping ~$1200 for it by buying the full costume (with no guarantees that they could make it for you/ship it to you by Halloween) or by trying to make it yourself a la Chrix Design's tutorial, you're probably not going to.

(image credit to Ta-bam on DeviantArt)

Published Oct. 9th 2017

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