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How to DIY Doctor Mercy

Admittedly, Victory Mercy is an easier prospect, especially since the Greek Goddess is a staple in cheap adult costumes that you can pretty much hack together without a great deal of finesse or sewing skill. But the wings might give you a bit more trouble. So if you wan to forgo them entirely, here's what you'll need to cosplay as Doctor Mercy instead.

What You'll Need:
  1. Halo Headdress: You can skimp on a lot of things, but you won't get out of wearing Mercy's distinctive halo headdress if you really want to make a Mercy. You can follow Chrix's design from her tutorial above, or hunt around for a round plastic jug that you can cut up (like a large bleach bottle) and which will keep its shape. Elasticize the bottom to fit comfortably around your head, and don't be afraid to pin it into place. 

  2. Wig (Optional): Even if you're naturally a bombshell blonde, it will generally take a wig (or a lot of styling) to really make Mercy's hair pop.
  3. Lab Coat: The key with simple costumes lies in the details. You could have a perfectly plain, serviceable lab coat (costumes stores will likely have them, if not, infiltrate your local college campus bookstore, they're likely to stock them for $10-15) but I suggest sewing/ironing on a Mercy sleeve patch like this onto one shoulder. You can also find other methods of making your own iron-on transfers.

  4. Stethoscope: You can try and just check pulses with your fingers, but who doesn't love an extra prop or two? Drug stores will have fairly inexpensive functional stethoscopes, but you can find fake ones in dollar stores, costume stores, and your local Walmart-type store for less. 

  5. Business casual: While the majority of Dr. Mercy's styling comes from fanart and usually features dark pants and a gray turtleneck, how you do the rest is entirely up to you. Why not burnt orange to play on her original costume coloring, while also invoking the color of the season?  

If you want a closer look at the patches that Mercy uses on various parts of her original costume, you can take a look at the official Mercy reference kit. 

(image credit to imgur)

Published Oct. 9th 2017

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