Nintendo To Attend GDC Europe for Wii U Presentations

The Wii U events will take place Monday through Wednesday, August 19th-21st at the Cologne Congress-Centrum Ost in Cologne, Germany.

For the first time, Nintendo of Europe will be attending GDC to host two presentations for the Wii U. With new information on what the presentations will be covering, it will hopefully spark more interest into the system for developers for us Nintendo fans. 

The first of two presentations (Nintendo Wii U Application Development with HTML and JavaScript) taking place on the 19th of August, will be covered by NOE's (Nintendo of Europe) Manager of Developer Relations & Support Martin Buchholz as well as Svyetoslav Pidgornyy, who is the Assistant Manager of Application Development. For more information on the event, I've found a description of what will be covered.

The development environment for Nintendo consoles has historically been limited to programming languages such as C and C++ that can yield high performance, but also require longer development cycles. Technologies such as HTML and JavaScript have empowered a whole new wave of developers that have previously been excluded from Nintendo console development - until now! This session will introduce a new way of rapidly developing Wii U applications that takes full advantage of unique Wii U features while reducing development times significantly.

-- via GDCEurope

The second presentation (Unity, Wii U and You) which takes place on the 20th of August, will be covered by NOE's Core Team Developer Wayne Johnson and James Steele who is the Senior Software Engineer. The information for this session is as follows;

In this talk, we will present an informative session on the collaboration between Unity, Nintendo and the Wii U platform. The session will concentrate on the benefits of developing for the Wii U and using Unity to realise it. We will present everything from technical advantages of using Unity to develop your Wii U titles, to the process of getting your title published on the Wii U.The session will be presented by representatives from both Unity and Nintendo of Europe.

-- via GDCEurope

With this first, of hopefully more to come, we may be seeing more development for the Wii U in the form of applications and more gaming titles. And for us Nintendo fans, that means more exciting stuff to be... well, excited for!

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Published Jul. 18th 2013

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