Gaming Brought My Family Together

Who knew that video gaming would bring my boyfriend and family together?

When you bring your significant other home for Christmas, you half-expect your father to have his shotgun ready and your mother has her perma-bitchface on. Oh is that only my family? Well...

When I brought home my current boyfriend, it was completely the opposite experience. No, it wasn't because he has a promising future in mathematics or because he comes from a family of teachers like my parents. It was because he could game, and hard.

History Lesson

If you've read any of the other articles about my family, you know that I'm from a long line of gamers. My family has been gaming together since I was a small child, from tabletop to video gaming.

Every holiday, my brothers like to have some gaming sessions. One of my brothers, who used to work at a gaming store, would always bring super obscure tabletop games to our Christmas parties. That was seriously my childhood. Not such a bad one.

Guys aren't used to that, to be honest; to find a girl whose family is obsessed with gaming isn't normal. I was worried that he'd be put off. I was also worried that he would think my family was too weird to handle.

Well, I was wrong....

As soon as we got to my eldest brother's house to stay with them, my boyfriend and my brothers became best friends. They played Magic and Risk and honestly any other game that you can think of, we even spent a good couple hours just watching my brother play a game from the Aliens franchise.

From this I learned that video and tabletop gaming can bring together any family. It also helps create the strongest relationships. Seriously, my brother and boyfriend are playing Borderlands 2 as I write this.

Please excuse the very dated header image, it was hard enough to just find that one.

Published Aug. 24th 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    This is so cute! I've had the same experience with my own boyfriend visiting home. He was talking to my cousins, friends, and mother about video games. It totally broke the ice for him and them, while making me a bit less worried.

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