The Architect - The Twisted Sci-fi Labyrinth Game (beta)

The Architect is a twisted sci-fi labyrinth game. Raise or lower platforms to get out!

The Architect is a labyrinth/puzzle game where you have to exit the labyrinth by changing it around you. The player assumes control of a mysterious, yet insignificant tiny object. Every move must be carefully planned and double-checked, because once it is made there might be no turning back.

Using space modifiers, you can move platforms upwards or downwards to facilitate the player character's advancement through the level. You can step through magnetic distortion fields to transport to other parts of the maze.

Key Features:

  • unique graphical style
  • use space modifiers to change the labyrinth around you!
  • step into magnetic distortion fields for fast travels!
  • music tracks fitting for the game’s atmosphere
  • full featured level editor allows users to:
    • create custom levels 
    • share levels on the internet and test your friends! 
    • create level series, even with storyline! 

Release date is set to end of April - beginning of May.

You can download the free beta from Please vote on Greenlight if you like the game!


Published Mar. 6th 2014

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